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Fund for conference, seminar & workshop

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Ministry of Women & Child Development

Under this scheme financial assistance is extended to undertake research/evaluation/monitoring studies, organize seminars/conferences/workshops, capacity building for monitoring activities, promotion of innovative activities etc. in the area of nutrition, women and child development by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt of India.




1.     To sponsor research/evaluation studies.

2.     To sponsor research studies to individual scholar

3.     To sponsor seminars/workshops/conferences.

4.     To provide publication grant.

5. To provide grants for monitoring activities/training of personnel/promotion of innovative activities.


Implementing agencies


            Universities, Research Institutes and NGOs in the field of women and child development which have the capacity to conduct research.  Institutions set-up and fully funded by Central Government/State Government/Public Sector Undertakings.


Targets Group / Beneficiaries


            The research / evaluation monitoring studies and seminars / conferences and capacity building in the institute for monitoring will help policy makers, planners in formulation of policies, programmes / schemes for the welfare and development of women/children.


Pattern of Assistance


            Under this scheme, grant is given for (i) undertaking research/ evaluation/monitoring studies by institutions to cover expenditure on salaries and allowances, travel, consultancy, printing, equipment and books, tabulation cost, contingency and overhead charges as per requirements assessed;  (ii) organizing conferences/seminars/workshops by the institutions or a group of institutions as per requirements assessed; (iii) capacity building of Institutes for monitoring women and children schemes  (iv) publication of studies and documentation in the field of Women and Child Development (v) undertaking innovative activities like setting up of Chair on women and child development in the universities/institutes, (vi) training of personnel working in the field of research and monitoring etc.


Eligibility Conditions


            The Non governmental organizations (NGOs) with, normally, three years experience after its registration under any statutes in India like Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Act XXI of 1860), Trust Act, Co-operatives Act. etc having research experience in the field of women and child development for receiving grants to undertake studies, organize seminars/workshops/conference, monitoring activities, For capacity building, NGOs having 50 lakh annual budget with 10 years experience in the field of WCD and located in the concerned States are eligible.


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