The Nando Peretti Foundation, Italy

Nando Peretti Foundation, Italy


The Nando Peretti Foundation supports programs intended for the safeguarding and promotion of human rights, school education and the well-being of children, medical and scientific research and health, art and culture, environment and nature. There are no nationality restrictions, and no budget limits. Most past grants have funded projects in the developing countries.


Particular attention is devoted to emergency programs catered for people facing severe economic hardship and social segregation.




Like most foundations, the Nando Peretti Foundation seeks to be strategic in its grant making decisions. Therefore, the Foundation does NOT provide grants for:


    * ongoing general operating expenses or operating support

    * operational phases of established projects

    * specific individuals

    * religious purposes


Moreover, the Foundation is unwilling to commit itself to the long-term support of any activity or organization.


Please note that the Nando Peretti Foundation's policy is to consider as indirect costs a maximum rate of 5%.


The Nando Peretti Foundation is now open for applications. The deadline to present project proposals is April 8th, 2011.


For consulting on 'The Nando Peretti Foundation' programs please write or call to skf NGO consultants.


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