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Grants for environment education & awareness


The Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) promotes environment education and creation of awareness among all groups of the society through various programmes. It also provides financial assistance to professional societies and institutions for projects on promotion of environment education and awareness besides providing financial assistance for publications of environment related resource material to achieve this goal.


Objectives of assistance:


i.          Seminars / Symposia / Workshops / Conferences


          The objective of the programme on "Seminars / Symposia / Workshops / Conferences" is to provide a forum to professionals, scientists, environmentalists, other groups of the society to share knowledge and experience on various aspects of environment and for creation of mass environmental awareness. Under this programme, financial assistance is provided to universities, academic institutions / colleges, non-governmental organisations, Government Departments etc. for organisation of Seminars / Symposia / Workshops / Conferences on identified thrust areas related to environment or any emerging area impinging on technology, innovation in regard to environment.


ii.          Grants-in-Aid to Professional Societies and Institutions


The objective of the programme is to facilitate optimum utilization of expertise available with professional societies and institutions for promotion of environment education and awareness. The programme aims at utilizing the existing capacities while simultaneously providing for enhancing the capacities of such institutions. The projects to be financially supported would interalia include development/extension of exhibition galleries, interpretation centres and education materials relating to ecology, wildlife and environment. The financial assistance is not provided for procurement of capital goods/ equipment. However, some office equipment like computer, projector etc can be purchased if they are incidental to or essential part of exhibition galleries, interpretation centres and educational focused activities. This one time grant is also not available for research, collection and compilation of data and information or to any individual / business houses. Accordingly, the financial assistance would be restricted to above items/activities out of a complete/holistic proposal. The contribution of the organization in implementing the proposal would be one of the criteria for providing grant under this programme. The societies/institutions to be supported under this programme should have high credentials and in-house expertise/experience of working in the environmental education field. Such institutes/societies may also include national history museums, science centres, NGOs, etc. The organizations/institute with inadequate/rudimentary institutional capacity and without desired level of credibility shall not be provided grant under this programme.


iii.     Publication of Resource Material Related to Environment


The objective of this programme is to utilize expertise available with professional societies, NGOs, institutions etc. for developing and publication of innovative and high quality resource material for promoting environmental education and awareness by providing financial assistance for development and publication of such material. The publication material must popularize the understanding about the environment, emerging issues and out of the box solutions including innovative approaches for protection and should be relevant and of high standard and should supplement the efforts of the Ministry to promote environment education and awareness.


Under the programme, grant is not provided for publication of newsletters, magazines, journals, periodicals etc. or to any publisher / business house including individuals.  


Who are eligible?


i.       Seminars / Symposia / Workshops / Conferences


·        Any recognized academic / research institution or Government Department / Government undertaking having at least 3 years experience of working in environment related subjects.
·        Any registered NGOs / Trust having proven credential, and experience in environmental field and registered under the Societies Registration Act for minimum three years and raising audited accounts.
·        The Proposal should focus on topics relating to the main theme of the event and organisation should have in-house expertise in that subject area.


ii. Grants-in-Aid to NGOs, Professional Societies and Institutions and Publication of Resource Material Related to Environment


·        Any NGOs or academic / research institution or museum / science centre or Government Department actively involved in the field of environmental education and awareness for a period of at least three years and having developed considerable expertise and excellent track record of working in this area.


Thrust areas:-


          Seminars / symposia / workshops / conferences proposals for financial assistance should have adequate focus on environment related subjects and or environmental awareness amongst masses. MoEF has identified the following thrust areas:-


1.            Climate Change


2.            Bio-diversity


i)                   Conservation of medicinal plants and their sustainable utilisation


ii)                 Risk and benefits associated with genetically engineered organisms


iii)               Coastal and marine eco-system


iv)              Participatory forest management


3.            Trade and environment


4.            Industry and sustainable development


i)                   Mine de-commissioning


ii)                 Environmental Impact Assessment


5.            Water


i)                   Availability, contamination and impacts


6.        Environmental health


7.         Environmental legislation and enforcement


8.     Socio-environmental aspects and environmental economics


9.        Environmental Awareness


10.        Miscellaneous


How to apply?


          The eligible applicant should submit their application three months in advance in the prescribed form through the Head of their organisation/ Registrar in case of universities to the Additional Director (EE), Ministry of Environment and Forests, Paryavaran Bhavan, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110 003.


All the proposals from the North Eastern Region should be forwarded by the State Department of Environment.


Quantum of assistance:


i. Seminars / Symposia / Workshops / Conferences


          Approximately 50% of the annual budgetary provision for the programme will be for technical proposals and the balance for environmental awareness promotion. The Committee may appropriately apportion the budgetary allocation for the identified theme areas to ensure that all the thrust areas get adequate representation.


Financial assistance is only for organisational expenses (excluding hospitality but include payment of TA/DA to the invited key-speakers only) of the proposed event and not for capital items like construction, equipment, automation etc. Following are the stipulated amounts for various categories of events:


Category                                            Amount


1.       State level event        A maximum of Rs. 50,000/-


2.        National level event       A maximum of Rs. 80,000/-


3.        International level event   A maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/-


          The Internal Screening Committee of MoEF can consider higher quantum of assistance in very exceptional case(s) on merits. However, the apportionment shall not exceed 20% of the total annual budgetary provision of the programme.


 (ii) Grants-in-Aid to the NGOs, Professional Societies & Institutions and Publication of Resource Material Related to Environment


Maximum financial assistance to any organization would be limited to Rs. 5,00,000.00 (Rs. Five lakhs only)


(iii)     Publication of Resource Material Related to Environment


          The proposals for financial assistance for publication of proceedings shall be considered for a maximum grant of Rs. 50,000.00 depending on the quality of the proceedings, number of pages and copies to be printed, cost of publication and earning from sale of the copies and provided that previous grant, if any, released by MoEF to the applicant organisation has been fully settled in terms of expenditure statement, utilisation certificate, copies of proceedings etc.


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