Film Festival Grant to NGO - Ministry of Information & Broadcasting


The Export Promotion through Film Festivals in India and abroad Scheme by Directorate of Film Festivals in Ministry of Information and Broadcasting entitled Grant in Aid to NGOs / State Govt. Organisations. Under this scheme nancial assistance will be provided to NGOs / State Govt. organizations for propagating lm consciousness, development of audience taste in the eld of cinema resulting in development of lm culture with fresh vigour.


Guidelines under which Grants in aid will be released to NGOs/ State Govt. Organizations


(a) The Film festivals in 'non-metros' (i.e. Places except 'Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore') will be eligible for Grant-in~Aid.


(b) Such festival shall have the support of Central/State Governments.


(c) Voluntary organizations/NGOs carrying out activities which promote the welfare schemes and programmes of the Govt. would be selected on the basis of well-dened criteria regarding nancial and other resources, credibility and type of activities undertaken.


Requirements for NGOs/ State Govt. Organizations for Grant


(a) Organizers of Film Festivals seeking grant-in-aid from the Government will be required to submit an application which includes all relevant information such as Articles of Association, bye-laws, audited Statement of Accounts, source and pattern of income and expenditure etc.


(b) Organizers of Film Festivals have to furnish details of programme along with objectives to be achieved.


(c) Organizations except State Government organisations have to certify that it has not obtained or applied for grants for the same purpose or activity from any other Ministry/Department of the Govt. of India or State Govt.


(d) Organizers have to prove/justify that their financial position is as such which necessitates grant-in-aid from the Govt.


(e) Before grant is released, the members of the Executive Committee shall authorize President/Secretary of the organization in a resolution (to be furnished in the prescribed proforma) binding themselves jointly and

severally to:


(i) Abide by the conditions of the grants in aid by the target dates, if any, specied therein.


(ii) Not to divert the grants or. Entrust execution of the scheme or work concerned to another Institution or Organization(s).


(iii) Abide by any other conditions specied in the agreement governing the grant-in-aid.


In a financial year, the maximum amount of grant given to lm festival shall ordinarily not exceed Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees Five Lakhs) subject to a ceiling of Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakhs) in deserving cases.


The Organizers shall clearly mention the item-wise heads along with estimated expenditure on which the proposed grants will be utilized.


Grant~in-aid shall be released in two instalments — i.e. 50% before start of the lm festival and balance 50% after submission of audited statement of Accounts, Utilization Certicate in Form GFR-19-A and a Feed Back Report along with objectives achieved from the organizers of Film Festival.


Directorate of Film Festivals

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Government of India

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New Delhi- 110 049


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