Ratan Tata Small Grant Program


To cater the needs of small grassroot NGOs organisations, the Sir Ratan Tata Small Grant Programme (SGP) was launched in 1998-99. Since then, the Small Grant Programme has supported several hundred organisations across all five thematic areas of the Trust.


The Trust uses the SGP extensively to provide institutional support to fledgling development initiatives, including direct support to community based organisations.


In order to qualify for a grant under this programme, an organisation:

1.     must have been in existence for at least one financial year

2.     should be working in a thematic area supported by the Trust

3.     should be situated in either an urban or rural area, though preference will be given to organisations in rural areas

4.     should have an expenditure not exceeding Rs2 million in the last financial year

5.     should not be employing more than 20 individuals


However, grants may NOT be requested for:

1.     purchase of land and building

2.     construction activity of any kind

3.     purchase of vehicles

4.     corpus fund

5.     conferences, workshops and seminars

6.     office equipment including computers

7.     training or travel abroad


The SGP was primarily envisaged to cater to the needs of small welfare centered organisations and subsequently amended, to include larger organisations that needed support for strategic planning or evaluation, conducting focused research activities, mainstreaming of innovations, conducting reviews and appraisals and strengthening internal systems.


Grants made to these larger organisations have been classified under the 'special' category, whilst those sanctioned to the smaller organisations constitute the 'regular' SGPs. The programme is also a useful tool for the Trusts to field test new ideas and innovations, support preparatory phases that precede major long duration projects, conduct workshops, events and external reviews within key areas of programmatic intervention.


All proposals received are subjected to a rigorous appraisal process, at the end of which, the decision taken regarding extending support, is communicated to the applicant.


Note: The Trust supports registered Indian Non Profit Organisations only


The NGO Funding Consultant




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