Int Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is the Canadian Crown Corporation that works to promote research and development in developing countries. It brings together development professional, practitioners and organizations on a platform to undertake research on issues affecting development in poor and developing countries. It works to foster effective partnerships between Canadian researchers and organzations with those from the South. The areas covered by the Centre are 'Environment and Natural Resource Management' under which Change Adaptation in Africa, Ecosytem Approaches to Human Health, Environmental Economics, Rural Poverty and Environment, Urban Poverty and Environment and Water Demand Management are covered; 'Information and Communication Technologies for Development' in countries of Africa, Asia and Middle East; 'Innovation, Policy and Science covering Innovation, Technology and Society and IDRC Challenge Fund; and' Social and Economic Policy' covering Globalization, Growth and Poverty, Peace, Conflict, and Development, Think Tank Initiative and Women's Rights and Citizenship.

IDRC provides grants, awards and scholarships to individuals and organizations for undertaking research and implementing research-oriented projects in developing countries. These grants, awards and scholarships are regularly announced at this link.

IDRC has offices in many of the developing countries. The contact office of its head office is:

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

PO Box 8500, Ottawa, ON, K1G 3H9, Canada

Tel: (+1-613) 236-6163  Fax: (+1-613) 238-7230

Email:  URL:


The NGOs / NPOs Consultants



Geo. Coverage: Asia, Africa and Europe

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